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Congratulations to Tom Kinloch: 300 Games

Tom Kinloch plays 300 games

Tom Kinloch will reached an epic milestone on Saturday 19th July against the Miners.

When Tom Kinloch laces up his boots and takes the field on Saturday against the Miners he will reach a mile stone that no one in Victoria and likely Australia has ever got close to to.

300 games of American Football is a massive number because most years the season has contained between 10 and 14 games subject to league make up.

Tom is extending his own games played record not only with Croydon but all across the Gridiron Australia community. Tom became a life member of Gridiron Victoria in 2012.

Congratulations from all in Gridiron Victoria.

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Junior State Coaches Wanted!

2013 Junior Victorian EaglesGridiron Victoria is seeking a Head Coach to develop our Junior Victorian Eagles program in preparation for the 2015 Junior National Championships.

The tournament will be held likely in April 2015.

GV will be developing a Junior High Performance program to develop our best young players who demonstrate potential for representative football.

Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter via email to the GV secretary.

Cover letter should address proposed practice times, locations, frequency, etc.  It should also identify potential assistant coaching staff and other staff (i.e. Medics/trainers and Team Manager).

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Launching our newest Competition

Men's League

Always at the forefront of innovation and keen to bring this new brand of American Gridiron to Australia, GV is proud to announce the Victorian All Male Underwear League (VAMUL).

GV is looking to emulate the fastest growing sport in the world and is confident the sight of semi-naked men running around trying to play Gridiron will appeal to a broader base than the full-kit variety, now into its 30th year.

We have been trying to achieve a higher profile for Victorian Gridiron for 30 years now with little or no success” a league spokesman lamented.

Critics of the plan complain that the objectification of men has no place in sport and a state body such as GV should be taking a stand, a claim rejected by GV.

No one wants to watch highly skilled athletes who have toiled for years in the pursuit of excellence. They want to laugh, they want to cry, they want to drink beer but above all else they must be entertained” the spokesman added.

This exciting new brand of football celebrates the code without the usual encumbrances like protective equipment, reduces the intense physicality associated with its NCAA compliant version and voids completely the fundamental spirit of sport.

Men's Underwear League

Despite rules governing the league around protective equipment and uniforms as mandated by the NCAA, this new sport offers a hybrid model as demonstrated by our newest recruits above.

Anyone interested on joining the new league is welcome to attend an information session on April 1st 2014.

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Aussie college superstar bringing his team downunder

In the biggest news to grace our shores a leading NCAA football program will be coming to Australia in July to take on the Australian Outback Team.

The fabled Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will be heading downunder, bringing with them their own home grown Victorian superstar Adam Gotsis who began studying and playing at GT last year after a stellar career with the Monash Warriors.

Adam Gotsis on the field for Georgia Tech

The game is scheduled to be played at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne on Saturday 19th July. But in an unfortunate twist of fate, no Victorians will be able to take part due to a stoush with the national body Gridiron Australia that sees all GV players barred from playing for Australia.

It is unfortunate turn of events but Victoria will be proud to showcase American Football to the country and indeed the world in the greatest sporting city on the planet” a GV spokesman explained.

Gotsis and his teammates are expected to arrive in Melbourne ahead of the big clash with Australia’s national team the week before.

Media release: April 1st 2014


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