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New dedicated gridiron facility to be built

Plans for Central Facility to be built on King Island

Plans for Central Facility to be built on King Island

After many years of trying to secure a dedicated central venue for Victorian Gridiron, the league is very happy to announce a commitment by the Victorian Labour Government to build a new facility by 2018.

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2016 Operating Rules (April Fools)

Offensive line - greater fairness.

Finally we may get to see the big beef up front shake and bake

Our 2016 Operating Rules are now finalised.

Gridiron Victoria will enact one major new rule change for the 2016 men’s season as it endeavours to maintain its extraordinary growth rate of recent years, along with its mantle as the biggest, best and most innovative league in Australia.

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Making American Football more Australian

American Football has proven extremely popular in Australia for a long time and has seen resurgent growth in the past few years with games on free to air and  Australian’s playing in the NFL and NCAA College ranks.

Moves to outlaw this technique in Victoria

Moves to outlaw this technique in Victoria

Whilst the loyal fans love gridiron unabashedly, it is not uncommon to hear obtuse criticism questioning the helmet and pads, the stop start nature of the game and ultimately the complicated gameplay itself.

Gridiron Victoria is committed to honouring our Australian heritage and is looking to trial a new rule for the 2016 season.

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

2016 Women's Day

To our mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, grandaughters, aunts, cousins and nieces. Thank you.

To our incredible women who play American Football, who coach us, heal us, support and sustain us. Thank you.

To every woman, every where. Thank you.

Gridiron Victoria is proud to acknowledge and support International Women’s Day on March 8th. We are extremely proud of our rich diversity, all the amazing women who give everything for our league and continue to make GV the biggest, best and most inclusive in the land.

Thank you

#GV2016 #IWD2016 #WomensDay

Photos by Barend van den Hoek, Cat Bouwhuis & Mark Baldock

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Congratulations to our newest GV Life Member: Wally Sanders

Wally Sanders: GV Life Member

At the 2016 AGM, the GV COM elected our newest and 15th Life Member Wally Sanders (shown above middle circa 1988)

A larger than life contributor to Gridiron Victoria, Wally has been involved for almost the entire existence of the league.

He began his playing career in 1986, started coaching in 1993, was President of Gridiron Victoria from 1986 to 1989 in addition to serving as a committee member another decade.

126 Games Played 1986 – 1994 inclusive of representative games

199 Games Coached (approx) 1993 – 2015 inclusive of representative games

325 Games Combined Games Played & Coached

His incredible commitment to GV over many decades includes the following:

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