2011 Australian World Cup Team Announced

The Board of Directors of Gridiron Australia are pleased to announce that Head Coach John Leijten has selected 40 players for the Senior Outback Train-on Squad for the 2011 IFAF World Cup.

Congratulations go to the following Victorians who made the squad:

  • Tyson Garnham (Western Crusaders)
  • Adam Gotsis (Monash Warriors)
  • David Murphy (Western Crusaders)
  • Jon Tostovin (Monash Warriors)
  • Scott Wolfe (Monash Warriors)
  • Andrew Yeung (Western Crusaders)

A final squad of 45 players will represent Australia at the 2011 IFAF World Cup of American Football which will be held in Austria in July.

More information available at the Outback Australian Gridiron Team website.

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