GV Registrar Wanted

The Registrar is the chief records officer of GV.  The Registrar provides the coordinating link between member clubs and the management committee of Gridiron Victoria in respect of all issues relating to Registrations and Insurance.

The Registrar is directly responsible to the President and member clubs of GV.

Remuneration is $300 per annum. Please direct any applications to president@gridironvictoria.com.au

Responsibilities and Duties

The Registrar shall:

  • Maintain the registers of all members,  life members and sponsors details

Registration system and requirements:

  • Accept and process team registration forms
  • Accept proof of required player registrations prior to approved dates
  • Produce the annual Schedule of Events
  • Produce the Junior and Senior Fixtures
  • Produce Eligibility Reports to member club’s each Wednesday during competitions
  • Monitor all Team Sheets for signatures differences randomly
  • Process transfer applications
  • Accept all regular match day reports and process same
  • Notify the Secretary of any Tribunal requests
  • Ensure all documentation relating to players, coaches and officials are produced in accordance with the GV Operating Rules prior to participation
  • Keep and adjust competition ladder as required.
  • Accept and maintain all Injury Reports
  • Accept and maintain participants proof of identification

Knowledge and Skills Required

The Registrar of GV will be someone who:

  • Can communicate effectively
  • Is well organised and can delegate tasks
  • Can maintain confidentiality on relevant matters
  • Has a good working knowledge of the constitution and other relevant GV documents
  • Has good knowledge of computer based communication systems
  • Is able to keep accurate records
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