Open letter to the Australian Gridiron Community

Gridiron Victoria is no longer an affiliated member of Gridiron Australia (GA).

We have spent considerable time carefully evaluating the requirements of our affiliation with the national body and have taken this step to ensure the most appropriate outcome for our members.

The Committee of Management (COM) have raised concerns over the insurance coverage mandated by GA and the financial obligations of our members in order to meet their affiliation requirements.

We have opted to source our own insurance program and manage player registration internally, both of which are unacceptable to GA in order to maintain affiliation.

We strongly believe we are best placed to manage the interests of our members directly and to ensure all costs associated with registration are best directed towards advancing the sport here in Victoria.

We are committed to Gridiron in Australia and would readily seek affiliation with GA in the future.

We are now committing every possible resource to ensure Gridiron in Victoria remains a thriving and enjoyable sport for all our members.

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