Outback Gridiron Announce Support Team For 2015 World Cup

Woden ACT – September 24, 2013 

The Australian Outback Gridiron team have begun serious off-field preparations for the 2015 IFAF Gridiron World Cup to be held in Sweden, by announcing a solid management team with the purpose of promoting the team and raising funds for the 2015 campaign.

The Outback team headed by Head Coach John Leijten, will also include former Connecticut punter and 2000 Freshman All-American, Adam Coles who is currently a board member of Gridiron NSW, and will head up Marketing & PR for Outback Gridiron; Trent Brown who is the President of the newly formed Penrith City Gridiron Club, and is responsible for the Outback website and social media; and Syrina Richardson who is a Gridiron QLD Board Member, and has helped to develop the surging women’s league in that state. Syrina will be responsible for team management for the Outback.

Earlier this year Outback Gridiron released their new branding, which brings a professional new look to the cause. The goal is to build Outback Gridiron into a real brand that truly represents everyone in Australia involved in the sport of gridiron, whether it be a player, supporter or official.

“Gridiron in Australia has a real community feel to it, and we want the Outback brand to reflect this”, says Marketing & PR manager, Adam Coles. “Outback Gridiron represents everyone in our community and together we can achieve great things as a team and as sport in this country, as well as overseas”.

In the 2011 World Cup Outback Gridiron faced perhaps the toughest draw of any country with first up matches against the #1 USA, and #4 Mexico, before fighting hard from massive underdog status to nearly upset European powerhouse nation Germany, in the final group match. Outback Gridiron through the tournament forged a solid reputation for being a rugged, fight to the death team and are happy with their underdog status coming into 2015.

Coach Leijten says, “Our goal after 2011 is that we want to be able to compete with all European teams at the 2015 World Cup and fight our way to some upset wins”.

Gridiron in Australia has made huge gains in the sport over the last 10 years, with almost 30 current NCAA stars including former Outback player Adam Gotsis, who lines up with college football powerhouse Georgia Tech, Jordan Berry who has become a You Tube sensation with his AFL style pass play this week that has never seen before on the gridiron, and of course Jesse Williams who won back to back national championships with Alabama, and is currently on injury reserve with the Seattle Seahawks.

Contact: John Leijten

Email: coach@outbackgridiron.com


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