Update from the 2017 rules committee

(April Fools Joke)

Following some confusion on social media and amongst club reps, Gridiron Victoria wanted to clarify two new rule changes for 2017.

Despite rumours of adopting the 3-down rule from the Canadian Football League (CFL), we can confirm that is 100% not happening.

Two new rule changes for 2017 season

What has been approved by the club owners for the upcoming men’s season is to allow 12 players on the field, also a CFL rule. The offensive position will be in the backfield, whilst on defense they can be anything.

In addition the other rule accepted unanimously is that a loose ball out of bounds will now go to the team who touched it second last (penalising whoever touched it last).

We expect both rule changes to enhance both the flow of the game and generate more elaborate and exciting plays with the adoption of an extra player. There was a 20% increase in plays where the ball was knocked loose out of bounds and the owners feel it time to reward ball security. – GV owners spokesperson

The 12th player will go into effect for the 2017 men’s season whilst the out of bounds rule will commence today for the week 7 women’s and colts matches, Saturday 1st April.

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