Week 4 Rivalry Round: Celebrating the history of Gridiron Victoria

Rivalry Bowl: Miners 25th Anniversary

Week 4 of the 2013 Gridiron Victoria season celebrates the oldest clubs in the state and some of the biggest rivalries.

Week 4 Results

Monash Warriors defeat Western Crusaders  12-3
Croydon Rangers defeat Berwick Miners 16-6 (Rivalry Bowl)
Gippsland Gladiators defeat Bendigo Dragons 9-6
Monash Barbarians defeat Northern Raiders 14-7
Melbourne Uni Royals defeat Ballarat Falcons 64-0

In a major milestone celebrating 25 years of the Berwick Miners, the club is hosting two big games featuring our four oldest teams on Saturday 25th May at Rawling Field, Sydney Pargeter Reserve.

These clubs have a combined history of more than 90 years and were established in:

  • 1984 Croydon Rangers
  • 1987 Monash Warriors
  • 1988 Berwick Miners
  • 1998 Western Crusaders

The early morning game (starting an hour later than normal at 11:30am) will be the Western Crusaders up against the Monash Warriors.

Kicking off at 3:30pm, the Miners face off against traditional rivals the Croydon Rangers for a finish under the new lights at Rawlings Field.

On Sunday we have the massive 2012 Preliminary Final rematch between the Northern Raiders and Monash Barbarians. Last years’ epic ran 4 overtimes and should be another classic showdown!

Other activities will be running on the day, including face painting, a jumping castle for the kids, a raffle and drinks available at the bar!



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