Berwick Miners

NOTE: The Berwick Miners do not currently have any teams entered into Gridiron Victoria Competitions.


The MINERS are a long standing, proud and successful organisation.  Since 1987 the club has periodically imported players/coaches from the USA and had success in players receiving college scholarship’s over the years.  The most recent being Nick Vlad who received a full Football scholarship at BOISE State University in 2009, Boise state is a Division 1 College.

Our current head Coach has not only coached premierships, State and Australian Teams but is also a Coaches accreditor and has twice been invited by the NFL to training camps at the Raiders.  The club has also had a past player employed by Northern Illinois University as a strength and Conditioning coach to the football team.

The Club has had success with many premierships at both Senior and Junior Level and boasts the best facilities in Australia with 2 dedicated Gridiron fields and the only club to have a six man hitting sled and ball machine to say the least.

We are also the first club to align with the newly formed Ladies Gridiron League and have established the Berwick Diamonds to be the first ladies gridiron club.

Contact the MINERS to visit and be part of the premier Club in the land.

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