Gridiron Australia Junior Nationals Championships April 16-20

2013 Junior Victorian Eagles

The 2013 Gridiron Australia Junior National Championships will be held at Greenway Stadium, South of Canberra from 16th to 20th April.


Game 3: Playoff for 5th

The Eagles have finished the tournament in 5th place, defeating the ACT Monarchs 20-6 in the final game of the Junior Nationals.
Game 2

The Eagles fought valiantly all afternoon but went down to the WA Raiders 31-12 on Thursday. The boys have the day off before contesting the playoff for 5th on Saturday morning.

Game 1

The Victorian Eagles had their first game today and despite an incredible effort by all players, went down to the Queensland Sun Devils 22-18 after leading all day, only to give up a late touchdown to their far north counterparts.

The Junior Eagles now face the Western Australia Raiders
10am Thursday morning 18th April.
2013 Gridiron Australian Junior National Championships

Watch the tournament live!

Greenway Stadium is located on Soward Way in Greenway, approximately 20kms to the South West of Canberra city center.

The players and coaches will be staying at AIS is located on Leverrier Crescent, about 15 minutes to the north of Canberra.

The Victorian Eagles Junior National Team comprises 28 players and 4 coaching staff lead by Head Coach Layke Rossiello.

Parents and friends are welcome and encouraged to attend the event and support the young Eagles as they compete for another Junior Australian Championship.

Tournament Video

2013 Tournament Fixture

Wednesday 17th April
10am NSW defeat SA 36-24
12:45pm WA defeat ACT 46-14
3:30pm QLD vs VIC

Thursday 18th April
10am- 1st seed vs 6th seed
12:45pm- 2nd seed vs 5th seed
3:30pm- 3rd seed vs 4th seed

Friday 19th April (Tournament bye)

Saturday 20th April
10am- 5th seed vs 6th seed
12:45pm- 3rd seed vs 4th seed
3:30pm- 1st seed vs 2nd seed (National Championship game)

Representing Victoria

Andre Jordan 54 OL Northern Raiders
Andrei Filipovski 45 DL Geelong Buccaneers
Austin Golden 23 RB Croydon Rangers
Bailey Kenter 88 WR Monash Warriors
Billy Wilson 19 WR Croydon Rangers
Caleb Morgan 81 WR Western Crusaders
Harry Roberts 83 WR Monash Warriors
Jack Watson 59 OL Geelong Buccaneers
Jake Campana 18 s Geelong Buccaneers
Jake Ennor 9 CB Monash Warriors
Jeremy Chenh 26 S Western Crusaders
Jesse Peters 99 DL Gippsland Gladiators
Jonathan Yeo 7 S Monash Warriors
Jordan Roberts 25 WR Berwick Miners
Kane Taylor 57 DL Northern Raiders
Liam Clark 20 CB Geelong Buccaneers
Lochlain West 8 WR Monash Warriors
Matt Morgan 64 OL Monash Warriors
Matthew Blake 74 LB Berwick Miners
Mitchell Malt 4 WR Croydon Rangers
Nathan Pincus 16 LB Croydon Rangers
Josh Petracca 10 WR Croydon Rangers
Phillip Chen 21 CB Monash Warriors
Richard Truong 29 CB Monash Warriors
Tom Bean 47 QB Geelong Buccaneers
Toree Masiutama 66 OL Western Crusaders
Voung (Nelson) Lai 96 S Western Crusaders
William Blake 56 LB Berwick Miners
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