2012 All Victorian Junior Team

Congratulations to the 2012 All Victorian Junior team as voted by the Junior coaches. The worthy winners are all listed below.

NOTE:  This list recognises the best players of the 2012 Gridiron Victoria Junior Season. It is not the actual Junior State Team – that will comprise players who are selected to compete at the 2013 Junior Nationals. More info about the 2013 State team to come…


Quarterback: Ryan Malt #13 (Rangers)
Wide Receiver: Mitch Malt #10 (Rangers)
Wide Receiver: Bailey Kenter #88 (Warriors)
Tight End/Slot: Jake Campana #18 (Buccaneers)
Right Guard: Ben Simon #57 (Rangers) Rail Mangar #60 (Crusaders) (TIED)
Left Guard: Reuben Stevens #51 (Rangers)
Centre: Kora Maea #55 (Miners)
Tailback: Romia Matangaro #36 (Miners)
Fullback: Austin Golden #23 (Rangers)


Defensive Line: Temahia Kepa #11 (Warriors)
Defensive Line: Danny Vaitohi #55 (Rangers) Elijah Afoa #77 (Miners)  (TIED)
Defensive Line: Mark Michalas #50 (Rangers) William Dean #42 (Buccaneers  (TIED)
Linebacker: Kora Maea #55 (Miners)
Linebacker: Tom Bean #8 (Buccaneers)
Linebacker: Jake Campana #41 (Buccaneers) Matt Blake #99 (Miners)  (TIED)
Cornerback: Jarred Dreischl #21 (Rangers)
Cornerback: Liam Clarke #4 (Buccaneers)
Safety: Richard Truong #26 (Warriors)

Special Teams

Returner: Mitch Malt #10 (Rangers)
Punter: Bailey Kenter #88 (Warriors)
Kicker: Bailey Kenter #88 (Warriors) Billy Wilson #19 (Rangers) (TIED)

The major individual honours will be announced at the conclusion of the 2012 TGI Friday’s Junior Vic Bowl on Sunday.

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