2012 Senior Award Winners

The 2012 Senior Presentation Night was hosted by the Gladiators at Danny’s the Venue in Warragul last Friday night.

2012 Division One Overall MVP Tyson Garnham (Western Crusaders)

Congratulations to the following people on their outstanding season.

Overall MVP

Division I

1st Place: Tyson Garnham (Crusaders)
2nd Place: Jnala Saluni (Crusaders)
3rd Place: Jamie Stafford (Rangers)

Division II

1st Place: Blair Black (Royals)
2nd Place: Don Veale (Gladiators)

3rd Place: Tie: Chris Tuohy (Royals), Paul Keating (Raiders)

Offensive MVP

Division I – Tyson Garnham (Crusaders)
Division II – Blair Black (Royals)

2012 Division Two Overall MVP Blair Black (Melbourne Uni Royals)

Defensive MVP

Division I – Jnala Saluni (Crusaders)
Division II – Jeremy Edwards (Royals)

Defensive Linesman

Division I – Jnala Saluni (Crusaders)
Division II – Mick Cameron (Gladiators)

Offensive Linesman

Division I – Wayne Hartley (Warriors)
Division II – Tim Alexandropoulos (Barbarians)

Rookie of the Year

Division I – John Elliot (Rangers)
Division II – James Pho (Barbarians)

Official of the Year

David Sinclair

All Victorian Team – Division I

QB: Dom Dearman (Warriors)
RB: Daniel Barnett (Buccaneers)
FB: Daniel Tinitali (Buccaneers)
WR: Denholm Hayter (Buccaneers), Tyson Garnham (Crusaders)
TE/SR: Matt McKie (Rangers)
RT: Ricky Young (Buccaneers)
RG: Ben Gregson (Warriors)
C: Oswald Wendt (Buccaneers)
LG: Michael Khair (Buccaneers)
LT: Wayne Hartley (Warriors)
R: Tyson Garnham
P: Neale Oliver(Rangers)
K: Tom Bean (Buccaneers)

DT: Sam Karag (Warriors), Jnala Saluni (Crusaderssaders)
DE: Jacob Meehan (Buccaneers), Job Amanamoi (Miners)
LB: James McFadzean (Buccaneers), Mark Doyle (Rangers), Mark Petana (Miners)
CB: Cody Austin, Nick Johnston (Rangers)
FS: Chris Beynon (Buccaneers)
SS: Ben Stokes (Warriors)

Coach: Kriss Guidotti (Crusaders)

All Victorian Team – Division II

QB: Blair Black Black (Royals)
RB: James Pho (Barbarians)
FB: Tim Ransfield (Barbarians)
WR: Chris Tuohy (Royals), Andre McDonald (Raiders)
TE/SR: Don Veale (Gladiators)
RT: Corey Mifsed (Raiders)
RG: Ben Fraser (Gladiators)
C: Andy Sher (Barbarians)
LG: Giorgio Gentikoglou (Raiders)
LT: Tim Alexandropolous (Barbarians)
R: Chris Tuohy
P: Vu Nguyen (Raiders)
K: Anthony Young (Gladiators)

DT: Matt Jenkins (Raiders), Jeremy Edwards (Royals)
DE: Garret Dickinson (Barbarians), Joe Micalizzi (Raiders)
LB: Nathan Nicolaou (Rai), Dave Tantsis-Hall (Raiders), Cam Malivindi (Stars)
CB: Ben Norton (Raiders) Derrick Tugiono (Royals)
FS: Chane Davidson (Glads)
SS: Michael Van Gessel (Royals)

Coach: Ralph Maggio (Barbarians)


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