2013 League Awards

The 2013 senior season concluded with the annual presentation night hosted by the Northern Raiders at Watsonia RSL.

Congratulations to the following people for winning these awards and to those players who made the All Victorian Team in their respective division.

Luke Jackson: Overall and Offensive MVP 2013Division One Individual Awards

Overall MVP: Luke Jackson (Warriors)
Defensive MVP: Ben Stokes (Warriors)
Offensive MVP: Luke Jackson (Warriors)
Defensive Line MVP: Warren Benson (Buccaneers)
Offensive Line MVP: Jon Tostevin  (Warriors)
Rookie of the Year: Tommy Trimble (Miners)

Coach of the year: Mark Levin (Warriors)

Division Two Individual Awards

Overall MVP: Manny Roman (Raiders)
Defensive MVP: Marcus Spiteri (Royals)
Offensive MVP: Manny Roman (Raiders)
Defensive Line MVP: Matthew Jenkins (Raiders)
Offensive Line MVP: Corey Mifsud (Raiders)
Rookie of the Year: Tim Curtain (Dragons)

Coach of the year: Rob Hunter (Dragons)

Official of the year: Bryan Currie (VGOA)
Life Member 2013: Mel Martin (Miners)

All Victorian Team: Division One

Quarterback: Andrew Nixon (Miners)
Wide Receiver: Tyson Garnham (Crusaders)
Wide Receiver: Ian Box (Rangers)
Tight End/Slot: Chris Beynon (Buccaneers), Matt McKie (Rangers)
Left Tackle: Taylor Gist (Rangers)
Left Guard: Michael Kahir (Buccaneers)
Centre: Jon Tostevin (Warriors)
Right Guard: Wayne Hartley (Warriors)
Right Tackle: Ben Chapman (Warriors)
Tailback: Luke Jackson (Warriors)
Fullback: Daniel Tinitali (Buccaneers)

Def. Tackle: Gawain Johnson (Warriors)
Def. Tackle: Sammy Karag (Miners)
Def. End: Rhyss Keane (Warriors)
Def. End: Jnala Sulani (Crusaders)
Linebacker: Mark Doyle (Rangers)
Linebacker: Layke Rossiello (Buccaneers)
Linebacker: Mathew Edwards (Warriors)
Linebacker: Mark Petana (Miners)
Cornerback: Nick Johnston (Rangers)
Cornerback: Cody Austin (Rangers)
Free Safety: Tom Bean (Buccaneers)
Strong Safety: Ben Stokes (Warriors)

Returner: Chris Beynon (Buccaneers)
Punter: Ian Box (Rangers)
Kicker: Tom Bean (Buccaneers)

All Victorian Team: Division Two

Quarterback: Keiran Dwyer (Barbarians)
Wide Receiver: Andre McDonald (Raiders)
Wide Receiver: Chris Tuohy (Royals)
Wide Receiver: Martin Moran (Barbarians)
Tight End/Slot: Harry Jalland (Dragons)
Left Tackle: Corey Mifsud (Raiders)
Left Guard: Josh Faure (Raiders)
Centre: Brenton Sherwell (Barbarians)
Right Guard: Kosta Hrysanthakopoulos (Barbarians)
Right Tackle: Don Veale (Gladiators)
Tailback: Manny Roman (Raiders)
Fullback: Fareni Moefaauo (Dragons)

Def. Tackle: Nick Tasiopoulos (Barbarians)
Def. Tackle: Matthew Jenkins (Raiders), Adam Herodotus (Raiders)
Def. End: Nick Murray (Barbarians)
Def. End: Dave Tantsis-Hall (Raiders)
Linebacker: Taylor Berrington (Barbarians)
Linebacker: Sala Taula (Raiders)
Linebacker: Marcus Spiteri (Royals)
Linebacker: Daniel Sanderson (Barbarians)
Cornerback: Robert Bettles (Barbarians)
Cornerback: Mathew Sires (Barbarians)
Free Safety: Callum Marini (Barbarians)
Strong Safety: Ben Ly (Royals)

Returner: Taylor Berrington (Barbarians)
Punter: Vu Nguyen (Raiders)
Kicker: Vu Nguyen (Raiders)

Congratulations everyone!

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