Launching our newest Competition

Men's League

Always at the forefront of innovation and keen to bring this new brand of American Gridiron to Australia, GV is proud to announce the Victorian All Male Underwear League (VAMUL).

GV is looking to emulate the fastest growing sport in the world and is confident the sight of semi-naked men running around trying to play Gridiron will appeal to a broader base than the full-kit variety, now into its 30th year.

We have been trying to achieve a higher profile for Victorian Gridiron for 30 years now with little or no success GV media release

Critics of the plan complain that the objectification of men has no place in sport and a state body such as GV should be taking a stand, a claim rejected by GV.

No one wants to watch highly skilled athletes who have toiled for years in the pursuit of excellence. They want to laugh, they want to cry, they want to drink beer but above all else they must be entertained” the spokesman added.

This exciting new brand of football celebrates the code without the usual encumbrances like protective equipment, reduces the intense physicality associated with its NCAA compliant version and voids completely the fundamental spirit of sport.

Men's Underwear League

Despite rules governing the league around protective equipment and uniforms as mandated by the NCAA, this new sport offers a hybrid model as demonstrated by our newest recruits above.

Anyone interested on joining the new league is welcome to attend an information session on April 1st 2014.

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