Victorian punter Brad Wing to play for the national championship

Brad Wing, a punter from Victoria and son of former Berwick Miners player David will take to the field in the BCS Championship Game on Tuesday 10th January AEST for the LSU Tigers to take on fellow Aussie, Queenslander DE Jesse Williams and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Wing, a former Aussie Rules player cut from the Sandringham Dragons has taken College football by storm, recording an average punt of 44.1 yards and booming a 73 yarder against Alabama when they met earlier this year. Amazingly from his 50 punts all year, LSU has given up only 6 return yards (no misprint, that’s six yards).

He first caught the media’s attention when he ran a fake punt in for a touchdown which was nullified as he was called for a taunting penalty as he headed for the endzone.

There has been extensive coverage of the two Aussie’s who will feature in the BCS game, check them out below:

And that infamous fake punt run for a touchdown:

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