Gridiron Victoria Week 6 – 11/12 June

Croydon Rangers vs Gippsland Gladiators Gridiron Match
© Barend van den Hoek

Season 2011 got even more interesting in week 6 as we finally saw cross-divisional games.

On Saturday, the Bay City Buccaneers hosted the Melbourne Uni Royals at home in Corio with the Buccaneers rolling to a big win 70-0. Meanwhile, on the other side of Victoria the Gippsland Gladiators hosted the Croydon Rangers in Morewell, with the division one Rangers getting the win 57-0.

On Sunday, we headed back out west to Footscray where the Northern Raiders hosted the Monash Warriors with the reigning champion Warriors winning 44-6.

In the afternoon, the Western Crusaders hosted the Monash Barbarians and won 60-0.

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