2013 Gridiron Victoria Week 13: 27-28 July

Western Crusaders vs Croydon Rangers

Massive round 13 for Victorian Gridiron with several match ups possibly settling the remaining playoff spots.

Week 13 results so far

Croydon Rangers defeat Western Crusaders 34-18
Bendigo Dragons defeat Gippsland Gladiators 14-0
Melbourne Uni Royals defeat Ballarat Falcons 48-0
Monash Barbarians defeat Northern Raiders 12-7
Monash Warriors defeat Berwick Miners 44-6

With the Buccaneers and Warriors already clinching a playoff berth, the 3rd and final spot gets interesting as the 3rd placed Croydon Rangers host the 4th placed Western Crusaders Saturday morning in Croydon.

This is followed by the equally important division two matchup between the 4th placed Gippsland Gladiators and the 5th placed Bendigo Dragons. With one point separating these clubs in the standings, this battle for the 4th and final place in the div 2 finals will be truly epic.

Also on Saturday, the Ballarat Falcons host the Melbourne Uni Royals in Ballarat at 1:30pm with both sides having plenty to play for.

Not to be outdone, on Sunday we turn out attention to Monash University Clayton and a big morning clash between the two sides that have clinched a playoff spot for division 2 the Monash Barbarians and the Northern Raiders in what could be the division two championship preview.

This is followed by another big match between the Monash Warriors and Berwick Miners at 1:30pm. A Warrior win will kill off any chances of the Miners playing finals in 2013.

Good luck to all teams.

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